Welcome !

The contest on fall has come up . Thi time , there will be a lot of participants .  Im trying to make as many design as possible , so one of them should turn out to be good enough.

Thanx Boris Cherny !

Im Saurabh Bhide , a 16 year old computer engg. student from Goa , India . This deign was inspired by Boris Cherny , another Open ource Web deigner . 

I used some content of Boris' CSS file to come up with thi beautiful page .It can be quite tiring to create a CSS sheet from scratch .

Thank again , Mr. Boris Cherny  !


Three colours only| This website is made in a colourful harmony to be viually appealing , simple looking , and thirdly synchronizing with the colours of fall..

All FALL colours|  As you may have noticed , this page contains natural fall colours only  .  The orange and yellow from maple or other leaves , and The dark brown colour used for the text represent oakwood or other tree trunks .

Do you like the site ?

I hope that you mst have liked this design . It can be used for a  webpage having special fall edition .

If you like the design ,  I woul welcome your complements , suggestion or advices at saurabhbhide@gamebox.net .  bye till then !

Courtesy of Open Web Design & Hotels - Dubai



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